JBBZ’s Aim
The primary aim of JBBZ is the long-term integration of young and mature persons of Jewish faith into the Austrian job market through the mediation of requisite qualifications for the market’s employment system.

Training Programmes
Besides apprenticeship training and intensive specialist training plus partial- and additional training JBBZ also offers individual advice on professional positions and orientation (“Registration and Diagnosis” “Choice of Profession”) as well as support in joining the job market (“Job Coaching”). Units in social work and psychological training and coaching therein are offered in the sector Social Education and psycho-social stabilisation.

Target Groups
JBBZ’s training programme 1BOLG (professional orientation course) is undertaken by scholars due to graduate in the ninth school year. In this year, JBBZ helps the scholars find occupational orientation through well-directed methods and intense care in practical education. This course is attended mainly by scholars leaving compulsory schools and by young people without professional qualifications (until their 17th year). Intensive specialist training courses may be participated in by all people over 18. These courses are principally attended by adults seeking advanced training to enter the employment market in addition to qualifications already gained.

Pedagogic Principles of JBBZ
The prime guiding principle in training at JBBZ is holism. Complete education of a student can only be achieved by methods that allow more room for individual and social development than is given in a conventional school classroom, or by training for a job geared solely to its technical and business needs and considerations. For this reason, JBBZ’s fundamental teaching pillars are: orientation to the development stage of the individual and of training groups, and the integration of the trainee’s interests and prerequisite accomplishments. Its teaching methods are procedural orientation and “free” learning. Working on projects in teams, together with mutual support and help within the training groups, promotes a feeling of social security in the trainees.

Training Organisation at JBBZ
Training at JBBZ is conducted in the form of modulated stages. The advantage of modules is that their subjects can be taught separately, thereby facilitating the possibility of combining or exchanging them at will. This also means that in a modulated training system one can change qualification, time, structure, place of learning after the event. In this way the trainees are offered a wealth of different individual methods with the chance to complete the phases at various seats of learning and training (e.g. Jewish schools, JBBZ, IKG institutions, companies).

Requirements made of JBBZ Co-workers
The basic requirement for working at JBBZ is a positive and active approach to Judaism. Further, above-average professional engagement is expected from all co-workers. Besides the specialist demands of the various training phases, one of the main requirements of the many varied trainers and expert specialists is a capacity for teamwork, for reflection, and a willingness to change one’s own methods.

Component Training Phases
JBBZ offers not only the possibility of complete vocational training in the so-called ‘normal course’, but also of graduating in shorter additional forms and/or post-qualification.

Normal Course
As a rule, a normal course covers a complete professional training programme. Prerequisite for this course is adequate command of the German language. Such command can be gained or extended in the training modules “Language and Integration”. In general, the component phases of a JBBZ training course are held in the following order:

  • Registration and diagnosis
  • Choice of profession
  • Training
  • Job coaching
  • Employer service

Additional Training
The additional training courses at JBBZ comprise:

  • Social competence
  • Promotion and post-qualification
  • Additional specialist training


Career Orientation and Integration
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